Why acquire Afreum AFR tokens today?

People wondering how to acquire #Afreum #AFR tokens and what happens when you do. You can pre-own AFR (at a 50% discount in Nov only) using any #Stellar wallet (links at https://afreum.com). Upon Afreum Wallet launch end of December, simply transfer over to save, send, stake, convert, trade etc.

Suppose I need to remit, save, or send 10 Euros in January 2021. Theoretically, I could buy 10 Euros of AFR now at a 50% discount, getting 20 Euros worth of AFR. After my 10 Euro transaction in January 2021, I still have 10 Euros left. What will #afreum allow you to do the extra 10 Euros? You could convert back to Euros, to #Afreum Naira #ANGN, if you are in Nigeria, or Afreum South African Rand #AZAR, if you are in South Africa, and then to local cash through the magic of the #Stellar network. Brilliant!