People wondering how to acquire #Afreum #AFR tokens and what happens when you do. You can pre-own AFR (at a 50% discount in Nov only) using any #Stellar wallet (links at Upon Afreum Wallet launch end of December, simply transfer over to save, send, stake, convert, trade etc.

Suppose I need to remit, save, or send 10 Euros in January 2021. Theoretically, I could buy 10 Euros of AFR now at a 50% discount, getting 20 Euros worth of AFR. After my 10 Euro transaction in January 2021, I still have 10 Euros left. What will #afreum allow you…


Combines international DeFi and local payments to drive global demand for AFR token

Hong Kong — 3rd November, 2020: Afreum is pleased to announce the launch of a new DeFi app ecosystem aimed at driving blockchain adoption across Africa. Built on top of the Stellar blockchain, Afreum combines some of the key concepts of DeFi, such as staking, liquidity pools, and yield farming, while facilitating transfers, payments, remittances, savings, loans, and more, on the continent. …

Deep thinking about how #Africa can be catapulted into the age of digital money. #afreum


Crypto for Africa

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